Unforgettable amazing experience (октябрь, 2020)

Отзыв Rachel:

It was amazing experience for me in the Russian school all together. I really enjoyed meeting so many nice kids and people. I improved my Russian a lot while going to my own class, 1st grade. And it was great to teach other kids English. I loved talking with the kids. And I was happy to see how much they liked it. I wanted to teach them English so they know it better. And I hope it helped them. Best moment was when one of the classes had to have breakfast during the lesson time because of strict rules during COVID to avoid crowds in the cafeteria. They saw me in the classroom before they left to have breakfast. They were so excited that they came back in 4 minutes for their lesson including walking there and back time!

I was very sad to leave and I’m hoping I can come back one day.

Special thanks to the English teacher Dmitriy Yuryevich and also my 1st grade teacher Vera Vasilyevna.

Photo: Rachel & Anna Shevchenko

Rachel Shevchenko

Rachel & Anna Shevchenko










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